Protecting the Environment when Renovating Your Kitchen

Whenever you buy cabinetry with the ESP seal, you can be assured that you’re doing your part in protecting the environment. The cabinet lines we carry (ie…Wood-Mode, Brookhaven, Ovation) They have been certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) as meeting the standards for its “Environmental Stewardship Program” (ESP). This program was created to recognize industry manufacturers who use environmentally friendly materials and production processes. To qualify for and maintain certification, manufacturers are evaluated annually on compliance in five categories, including air quality, product resource management, process resource management, environmental stewardship, and community relations, as well as energy conservation and recycling programs.

The ESP is a voluntary certification program designed to encourage and recognize manufacturers that employ the use of environmentally responsible materials in the production of their products. The program also identifies those companies that seek to minimize the environmental impact on their local communities by recycling wastes and using low emissions coatings. Those businesses achieving this certification are going beyond the minimum requirements and are demonstrating leadership in growing a sustainable company.

The program sets out five categories of environmental performance for which a manufacturer can earn points by meeting specified criteria. A manufacturer must accumulate at least 80 points out of a possible 105 points to qualify for certification. Each year the manufacturer must submit supporting documentation to re-certify. For additional information, visit:

protecting the Environment

Wood Mode

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