I have always loved the way a pot rack looks in the kitchen. The added bonus is the free space it leaves in the cabinets.

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Pot racks keep your kitchen tools within arm’s reach. A pot rack above the stove or kitchen island offers useful storage and easy access while adding artistic charm and beauty to your kitchen.  There are many pot rack styles available on the market. The manufacturer featured here is Enclume (see video clip below). Enclume has manufactured premier pot racks for the home for more than 30 years. Made in the USA (Port Hadlock, Washington), each pot rack is hand wrought  using traditional French metal-forming techniques designed with quarter-inch high-carbon steel for strength and durability in a variety of finishes. Enclume also has three electroplated finishes over steel frame: copper, brass, and chrome. The copper and brass plates finishes are non-lacquered, and over time they will develop a patina, or they can remain bright with regular polishing using a non-abrasive cleaner. Several pot rack styles also are available in stainless steel with a uniform satin finish. The chrome and stainless steel finishes are relatively low maintenance.

When selecting a pot rack, consider the its actual weight and the weight of the cookware it will hold. It is important to mount the rack securely. Ceiling pot racks should be mounted from ceiling joists while wall racks should be mounted from wall studs. Mounting racks into brick masonry or metal require special mounting considerations and additional hardware specific for that purpose.

Below are a few we especially like.

See Video Clip Here

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