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pig kitchen accessories


How about some pig kitchen accessories? … Let’s head down to the farm!

1. Crafted from volcanic rock, this droll Pre-seasoned Pig Molcajete is ready to use. The Mexican version of a mortar, it is used to grind, mix and serve. It helps retain the flavors in your herbs and spices . The 8½ pig holds approximately 4 cups.

2. Round ’em up for a home-cooked meal with an old-fashioned dinner bell.

3. This Pig salt and pepper shaker from Vagabond House is finely cast and hand-finished of polished pewter. stonewall kitchen

4.  A resin pig can turn your kitchen into a French bistro announcing today’s special, grocery list, word of the day, or phone messages. The molded resin statue is hand painted.


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