GLASS JARS: What a unique and beautiful way to help organize the kitchen. The ones shown here combine function with innovative design. I like to use glass to store food items. When I buy dry pantry items like split peas, steel-oats, nuts or seeds, I immediately cut open the plastic bag and drop its contents into glass jars. A series of neatly arranged jars can do wonders in the kitchen. Clear jars are a beautiful way to store like items together and keep you organized. In addition, it is much easier to see everything with a quick glance. I’m also a big fan of labels. You can make your own chalkboard labels or try these erasable food labels.  Have a look at these glass storage jars that are sure to add charm to any kitchen pantry. Note: This post has links to vendors we are associated with. If you purchase, we earn a few pennies for the referral.

Rosendahl’s Opus Storage Jars — offer ideal airtight elegant storage with glass stoppers and arched handles. These glass storage jars offer practical and elegant storage of everything from rice and pasta to coffee and sugar.

Also try, JK Adams 48-pc. Spice Jars. These are a great way to keep that spice cabinet/drawer all uniform and organized. Their glass bottles come with washable, white screw caps and snap-on sifters with assorted hole sizes. They even make stickers for the tops. (Personal favorite!)


This is Bugatti’s Lola Wenge glass jar. It is a beautiful design and comes in a variety of glass canister sizes. Casa Bugatti is known for exceptional design, creativity, and superior quality.

This is Eva Solo’s Glass Jar  – It comes in a variety of sizes and is quite elegant.

Some pantry inspiration from a Ken Kelly kitchen…

storage jars storage jars organizing spice jars

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