What happens when you merge food and design in your decorating scheme? You might see food-inspired accessories like a scallion coat rack, a blueberry perfume bottle, hand blown glass fruit, or appetizers that are “arch-fully” arranged in a colorful rainbow. Here are some unique artists’ creations with food …

Obsessed with food art - scallion coat tree, art glass pears, banana holder, blueberry perfume bottle, and white arch for toothpicks appetizer display


Pictured above in today’s Wacky Wednesday:

1. Scallion Coat Rack. Finding inspiration in the local landscape,  furniture designer David N. Ebner carved, bleached, and painted this ash wood coat rack in the shape of a scallion. Source: Artful Home

2. Blueberry Perfume Bottle. This scent bottle is carefully crafted by hand from cobalt blue glass and individually mouth-blown and sculpted at the torch by artist Garrett Keisling. Source: Artful Home

3. Banana Holder. Alessi’s contemporary branch sculpture artfully hangs your bananas so they stay fresh longer.

4 Blown Glass Pears. From their “Larger than Life” series, artists Michael Cohn and Molly Stone created these oversized blown glass pear sculptures with with flecks of lifelike color. Source: Artful Home

5. Archful Rainbow Hors D’oeuvres Set. Serve appetizers with a side of style with  glossy arches by designer, Elan McPherson. Source: Uncommon Goods

So many artistic people out there!


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