Calling all wine collectors! With one device, you can  manage and control your wine collection and get that wine cellar organized. The eSommelier Private Wine Management System allows you to visually explore your wine by sliding your finger across the touch screen to view each label. You can see the price you paid and its updated value, which is regularly synchronized. Once you’ve entered the winery and vintage which takes about 10 seconds, all other data about your wine is automatically filled in — country, variety, maturity, rating, and tasting notes. You can create your own wine labels or use one of the existing 30,000 images in the database. 

In addition, when you are traveling or wine shopping, you can access your wine collection and data from any internet browser from anywhere in the world. You can even use your iPad’s touch screen to browse your wine the same way as when you are at your eSommelier system. Amazingly simple.

 I’ll drink to that!

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