KraftMaid Cabinets just launched a new painted highlight finish. Paint with highlight finishes adds richness and grandeur to any room in the home.  This highlight technique creates a heirloom furniture look, giving raw wood beautiful color and depth. Stop by our Kraftmaid showroom at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly to see how amazing this finish is!

Stunning Highlight Technique

Based on designer feedback, KraftMaid  is applying a stunning highlight material to the detailed areas of their doors. This process helps maintain a cleaner look. After hand-wiping the stain to ensure that the color absorbs and enhances the wood’s natural characteristics, layers of topcoat are then applied. The topcoat seals in the color and is oven-cured to heat-activate its protective properties. It is then layered again providing a silky-smooth texture and additional protection. This is the essence of their DuraKraft Plus Finishing System.

Highlight Lines on Painted Finishes

Paint with highlight finishes adds richness and elegance to your KraftMaid kitchen cabinets. First the base paint is applied, followed by hand-applied highlights to detail the recesses and profiles of all the doors and drawers. Each door design, wood species, and hand-applied highlight finish has its own charming character and will create a one-of-a-kind, very unique look. Cabinets are then finished up with the DuraKraft process to ensure color and a durable finish.

Our KraftMaid Showroom

If you are interested in seeing these new colors and finishes, visit our showroom and a professional kitchen designer will show you around and help you pick the best style for your KraftMaid kitchen. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly (Long Island NY) has a complete KraftMaid showroom with full displays for you to envision the look you are trying to achieve. Call today to discuss your KraftMaid kitchen. 516-746-3435 and read more here.

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