Ever wonder what’s trending in European kitchen design? Last week Ken and I were invited to join fellow US Blanco Design Council members at the IMM Cologne Living Kitchen International Trade Show in Germany where big names from all segments of the kitchen sector were represented to showcase the latest trends in kitchen design.

With press passes in hand, we were among Blanco’s US design bloggers selected for VIP status at the show where we met with suppliers and decision makers from all over the world. Our group attended press conferences and was taken on a highlight tour of the show to see the latest trends and introductions in kitchen design from the world’s top innovation leaders. A highlight of the show was the Council’s exclusive meeting with CEO Achim Schreiber and executives and product designers at Blanco (@blancoamerica) – trip sponsor. My fellow bloggers and I had the opportunity to see, touch, and operate the state-of-the-art modern sink and faucet products introduced at the show. We are honored to be members of the US BLANCO Design Council and appreciate that our input is valued from a design perspective.


We will discuss these new products from Blanco in the upcoming weeks. Click photo to see entire group


In the coming weeks, we will be covering some very exciting new products that debuted at the show … some of them shown above in my sneak preview. Ken and I both look forward to sharing our finds, our photos, and our reactions with you. Brilliant design excites us, so stay tuned over the next few weeks as we reveal new kitchen trends debuted in Europe like the Attika below. Some might surprise you…


My brief cameo in the Blanco Germany video…


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For more information about Blanco products, visit www.blancoamerica.com
As always, if you have any questions, email us or comment below.


Disclosure- Although this invitation from BLANCO to attend Living Kitchen included airfare, amazing accommodations, excellent meals, and fantastic company, our designers at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. have  been specifying Blanco products throughout our 30+ years in the industry. We are proud to be members of Blanco’s US Design Council. All thoughts and opinions on these products in this post and future posts are entirely our own.

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