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NY Gridlock, is the first professional womxn’s ultimate Frisbee team in the Metro NY area and also a member of the Premier Ultimate League (PUL). The organization provides opportunities for womxn to play high-level ultimate frisbee and increases the visibility of womxn ultimate players locally, regionally, and nationally. They use the term “womxn” with an “x” to be inclusive of all women and non-binary people, welcoming non-binary people as well as transgender and cisgender women to be players and volunteers on the team. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly is beyond excited to be a part of this history-making movement, and we even created a special “” frisbee logo to celebrate the occasion. Their first New York game win was mind blowing! See photos at the bottom of the post. Be sure to follow NY Gridlock on social media to see game highlights and updates! They also run special free clinics for young girls, and that information can be found on their social media. (NYGridlock on Instagram, NYGridlock on Facebook, NYGridlock on Twitter, NYGridlock on YouTube, NYGridlock Website)

Premier Ultimate League’s mission is to achieve equity in the sport of ultimate by increasing accessibility to and visibility of womxn* players through high-quality competition, leadership experiences, and community partnerships. The league strives for gender, racial, and economic diversity in the sport of ultimate frisbee.


Ultimate frisbee is now known as just Ultimate, it is a non-contact team sport played with a flying frisbee. Ultimate was developed in 1968, and is now widely played in the United States by millions of players. It has became a sport that is played across the world in pickup games and by schools, clubs, professional athletes, and national teams.

Ultimate was granted full recognition by the International Olympic Committee on August 2, 2015. This allows the possibility for the organization to receive funding by the committee and become an Olympic Game. Ultimate will be eligible for the 2024 Olympics.

We are proud to be one of NY Gridlock’s platinum level sponsors along with JMH Development. If you are interested in making a donation of support or becoming a sponsor, contact NY Gridlock here. We encourage everyone to bring their family and friends and join us in watching their competitive play. On the NY Gridlock website, you can sign up for newsletters and buy tickets to see games. See highlights from their first NY win below.

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