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Home Office Design Ideas

Home Office Design Ideas for Inspiring Workspaces

Our digitally connected world has given many people the ability to work efficiently from home. As a result, the demand for a fully equipped home office is on the rise. Some homeowners have creatively carved out a place to work in a corner of an existing room while others have dedicated entire rooms to “home” work. Once you zone in on a suitable place in your home, you can begin to create a space that reflects your personality and motivates you to want to spend time in there. 

We designed this custom office with black cabinetry in a small space for a client in NYC. It packs a ton of organization into a small area!

Home Office Design Ideas

Accessible and Clutter Free Home Office Design

A good home office should be functional and comfortable. Ideally, it will have a large enough desktop to spread out papers with plenty of room for storing files and supplies. If everything is easily accessible and clutter free, you will be more productive and your workspace will inspire you. The most efficient offices offer storage solutions that match your needs. Evaluate your requirements carefully before you begin your project in order to get the best design possible within the allocated space. The area doesn’t have to be oversized to be efficient. You will be surprised at what you can do with even a small section of wall space if it is well designed.

Home Office Design Ideas
Home Office Design Ideas

A Place for Homework

This little guy is ready for back to school. We created this desk area in his bedroom in a New York City apartment.

Home Office Design Ideas

Multifunctional Use

Custom office workstations and cabinetry can be multifunctional. They can be used in an inspiring, comfortable room with a laptop or in a designated area for folding laundry, for sewing and crafts, and for homework. The idea is to make the space work for all your needs.

Home Office Design Ideas
Home Office Design Ideas
Home Office Design Ideas

Energy Lifting

Enhance the area with all the comforts of home. Light a candle or add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser to lift your energy. Invest in an ergonomic desk chair to protect your back and a high-quality desk lamp for days when natural light changes. You’ll be smiling the entire time you are on that conference call. Let’s not forget, a gorgeous kitchen and island like this one makes for a great “work-at-home” zone.

Cabinets are a great way to organize a variety of items in your home. There are so many areas in your home or office that can really use more storage space and cabinets are the easiest way to add that much needed space to your kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement, bedroom, laundry room, or hallway. We have cabinets in many different price ranges that will work within your budget. Keep in mind that good design is key! Consult a professional designer to make the most of your investment.
Inspiring home office library in Wood Mode custom cabinetry. Are you ready to design your custom home office with us? Call today 516-746-3435 and see more designs for other rooms here. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly specializes in whole house custom cabinetry! Click here for directions to our Long Island design showroom at 26 Hillside Avenue, Williston Park, NY.

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