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A sampling of Lutron dimmers

Installing a dimmer is one of the best green home improvements you can make.  If you dim your lights by 25 percent, you’ll save almost that same amount in energy. This Energy Saving Calculator lets you see how much money you can save if you install a dimmer. Dimmers enhance the mood and ambiance of your room, save you money, help reduce CO2 emissions, and extend bulb life reducing the waste in landfills.

Here are a couple of eye-openers from Lutron Home Lighting Control (video worth seeing):

Three things I learned today…

1) A 1500-hr incandescent bulb will last 10 years when dimed 33 percent and used for 3 hours per day.

2) Installing one dimmer in place of a light switch in every US home would save $230 million in electricity per year and CO2 by 4.3 billion pounds per year – equivalent to taking 370,000 cars off the road.

3) According to the energy saving calculator, if I dimmed my kitchen lights 30 percent, I would save almost $400 in five years.

energy saving

From a design perspective, the flexibility of dimmers allows you to adjust the perfect amount of light to the task at hand as well as accent or silhouette your collectibles, art

glass, china, and other decorative pieces. Cabinet and spot lighting can add a dramatic touch to your kitchen.

Save energy, money, and create elegance… a win, win, win. Find Lutron here.



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