If you haven’t tried SousVide cooking at home, it is gaining stride as a favorite tool in the kitchen. One of our best friends is an incredible home chef, and he and his wife swear by SousVide cooking. It is basically four steps: 1) Season your food 2) Vacuum seal your food in a food grade pouch 3) Drop pouch into the water oven 4) Serve a gourmet meal. I was fascinated watching them make homemade salmon, and it came out incredibly moist and full of flavor.


The SousVide cooking technique uses a water bath to cook food at low, consistent temperatures similar to the idea of a crock pot but with food immersed in water. Since the food you place in the vacuum-sealed bags cannot overcook, you can plan meals ahead of time and leave food cooking for hours ahead of time.

I watched my friends prepare meats, chicken, and fish ahead of time with herbs and seasonings, seal the individual pieces using the sous vide vacuum sealer and throw them in their freezer. They always have a gourmet meal ready to go on a moment’s notice. I should only be that organized. Below is a video of how it works and there are great recipes from famous chefs on their website.



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