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Design details matter and outlets and switches are part of your kitchen design. My BIG pet peeve is when people (even designers) don’t consider the way the outlets and switches will look within the kitchen design. We all have to have them. We need the power they provide in convenient and multiple locations, but most people usually overlook this important detail. Consider what your outlets and switches will look like and where and how they are placed within your kitchen design. The kitchen backsplash is where you add style and pizzazz to your space. Some kitchen backsplashes are tiled, some have the counter top running all the way up, and some are even just painted. How will the switches look on the material you select or against your cabinetry on a kitchen island perhaps?


Decorative Outlet Switches

These are from Legrand


Usually when I select the material for the backsplashes with my clients, we choose the outlet plates and switches at the same time. We discuss what height they should be at, whether they should be placed vertically or horizontally, and whether we want to see them or hide them. You can paint the switches, paper them, or select from a variety of spectacular materials currently on the market.


outlet switches that blend with cabinetry and backslashes

I prefer the switches and outlets to look understated and blend inconspiquiously with the design such as in the project above, which you can see in more detail here. But some clients like to have decorative covers with contrasting colors or even unusual designs. It is a matter of personal preference. Below are decorative plates from Legrand and Switch Hits


Decorative Outlet Switches

Decorative Outlet Switches


Think about what you like, and then talk with your designer about it because they can help you make the right decision for your space. Please, just promise me you won’t select “builders white” without some thought about it.


decorative outlet switch

This switch blends nicely!

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