Designing for Pets:
We have a blind dog that we ring a bell for when we need her to come and a deaf dog we flicker the lights on and off for. It is fun to be creative when designing for pets in your life. Not every kitchen will have a pet, but if you do, let’s not forget about them when designing your kitchen. If your pets are part of the family like ours are, then you will want to think about a few things to accommodate them when designing your new kitchen. If you have the room,  you may want to design a place of their own like this dog room with laundry.


Dog Room


Where will they eat?

designing for pets

via Small Business Labs


Hopefully not there….

There is nothing worse than stepping on or in the cat or dog food, so a well designed space will consider a feeding area where we are not tripping over the food bowls.


Traditional Kitchen by Osterville Kitchen & Bath Designers Artisan Kitchens LLC


You can also hide the feeding area in the cabinetry.


Transitional Kitchen by Decatur Architects & Building Designers TerraCotta Properties


Where will the pet food be stored?

We can build in a pet food storage system, or you can purchase a great looking container or canister. happens to have a fantastic stainless steel bin designed specifically for pet food with a built-in scoop. Their smaller stainless kitchen canisters work well for pet treats too.


pet food storage bins - stainless steel


Storage bins to keep the food fresh and accessible. My cats love to shred the bags and this prevents a mess later.

Traditional Laundry Room by Baltimore General Contractors Greenleaf Construction


I love cabinet rollouts for storing pet food cans in the pantry. The rollouts are easy to slide and maximize the storage space.
roll out pantry by Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly


Where will your pet sleep?

Whether you have an animal that is big or small, let’s not forget where are our furry friends are going to hang out.



Traditional Kitchen by Chicago Architects & Building Designers COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio


If we think about our pets and keep them in mind during the kitchen design process, then they won’t remind us we forgot to think of them.
pets in the kitchen

Source: Flickr user MelvinSchlubman






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