Shopping online for lighting is sometimes a daunting task. It is always difficult to see the details up close. Lighting Showroom has some unusual new features they are tweaking on their website that really allow you to get in there and see very specific elements in the lighting design. For example, they go beyond the typical zoom feature available on most sites. Their zoom feature allows you click an “Enlarge” button, which ALSO has a magnifier so you can actually see real details from the enlarged version of the photo. They installed a lens that is controlled by the scroll.

For clients looking at lighting, this is a useful contribution. In addition, they have integrated social hooks that fascinated me. Their “ASK others” button allows a person to direct questions to past customers about the product or to pose any kind of question to the staff or to Facebook contacts. If this isn’t enough, they incorporated a slider on the right that displays things other clients bought and includes social hooks where you can engage in a dialog about the product purchased. It can also select from zip codes if you would like to ask local buyers what they thought of the company or product. And did I mention… they also have product videos. These folks thought of everything.


Lastly, from their homepage you can access the customer comments and website ratings for them AND their major competitors. I love a company that invites people to compare the competition. Lighting Showroom is making it easy to do that through their website — truly innovative.

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