Amazon Dash Replenishment

Many tech giants and appliance companies are jumping on the hype to support this new technology from Amazon, but what is it really? Amazon’s head of Devices Eric Saarnio said: “With Dash Replenishment we’re working to make the process of shopping for everyday consumables completely disappear because we’ve all felt the frustration of running out of something we frequently use.”

Amazon dash buttons

Amazon Dash Buttons

Many might know of the Amazon dash buttons. It is a small device that you can stick to virtually any surface in your home, and it lets you instantly order household items you’re about to run out of. This is convenient for buying any household consumables when you see them running low. All you have to do is place these buttons next to the location where you place these supplies, such as water, toilet paper, and even fresh fruits. 


Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service


The next step further

Amazon took this a step further and created the Dash Replenishment Service. It enables connected devices, like a coffee machine or a washing machine, to measure supply consumption through different sensors including things like voltage, pressure, volume, and capacity. These measurements can then signal for an automatic reorder of supplies before the customer runs out.

This technology can be connected to many different smart appliances in the kitchen and home, especially for office supplies like printers. The device determines when to place an order based on the level of ink or toner, and the order is placed far enough in advance so that it is delivered before you run out.

It is designed to take the burden out of replenishing your everyday consumables. When supplies in your kitchen pantry or laundry room are running low, your Home Connect device will automatically re-order them through Amazon Dash Replenishment Services. Amazon will deliver the corresponding products conveniently and easily to your home. If you wish to cancel an order, you can do this directly with Amazon within 24 hours after receipt of the order confirmation. With this system, you will no longer have to worry about supplies ever running out. 

The idea of easy re-ordering especially for large bulky items like dog food or paper towels is enticing to many buyers, but will everyone be ready to embrace this new technology for everyday consumables instead of heading to their local markets? 

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