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Award-winning chefs and individuals who simply appreciate the finer things, recognize Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet as the crème de la crème of outdoor kitchen equipment. The hybrid fire grills are the only gas grills that let you burn wood and charcoal at the same time, and the weather-tight outdoor cabinetry with rain gutter technology channels water away from the inside of the cabinet, keeping interiors and their contents dry. Homeowners can store linens, spices, dinnerware and cookware outdoors without the fear of them getting wet and damaged because of water.



We carry this line exclusively at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, and the cabinetry gives our designers the widest variety of models and sizes hat range from 12- to 36-inches wide. We have rack cabinets for storing spices and tools, 3-drawer cabinets to hold linens and dinnerware, storage units for pots and pans, waste and recycling models that hold trash receptacles, sink bases that conceal plumbing and even the most incredible warming cabinet that keeps foods warm and moist once they have been grilled.

kalamazoo grills and stainless cabinetry

Several clients have opted for the outdoor pizza oven, which features two independently-controlled burners heating to 800 degrees Fahrenheit in just 20 minutes that closely mimicks the cooking characteristics of a wood fired pizza oven. This year we will have a live model in our Sag Harbor showroom available for demonstrations and possibly even weekend rentals (TBA).

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet’s most recent innovation is the outdoor dishwasher, which saves hosts and their guests from having to bring dishes indoors to clean them.

With more than 20 refrigeration units engineered to beat desert heat, Kalamazoo introduced the first and widest assortment of Energy Star-rated, forced-air, food-safe refrigeration. Size widths range from 15-, 24- and 48-inches, giving homeowners the flexibility to include them in both smaller intimate areas and in expansive back yard kitchens.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Kitchen Photo Available at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly

Also available are wine chillers, beverage centers and multi-tap keg tappers, combined beverage centers and refrigerators, as well as the only outdoor freezers and freezer drawers.

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