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There is so much to be said for the way a fireplace can ignite your soul and change the aura of a room. On projects where we are designing cabinetry for the entire home, we often encorporate custom fireplaces into bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and dens.

Sitting by the fire is wonderful when it is cold outside but admittedly, we use our’s all year around. The flickering flames and warmth transports us to a deeply relaxed state at the end of the day.  Some of our  clients at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly are putting TV’s over the fireplace that double as an electronic painting. The scene you see below is actually a TV screen with a digital painting on the monitor. You can change the image to match your mood or the season. This is on display in our showroom. Visit us to see it in person 26 Hillside Ave. Williston Pk, NY 11596 516-746-3435. More photos of this white kitchen mantle design here.

Showroom Wood-Mode Great-room
fireplace mantle

Fireplace Design with Bookcases and Shelving

Your fireplace and/or mantle design can be simple or ornate and anything in between. We often flank the fireplace with custom floor-to-ceiling bookcases or bar cabinets. We add them to kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms to add architectural interest. The millwork is often an extension of the rest of the cabinetry we design in the kitchen or adjoining spaces to compliment the design aesthetic of the home. See this project here.

Your fireplace design can be installed with or without a mantle. A mantle offers a place to add decorative elements and holiday decor with the changing seasons. We often get creative here with the design of the woodwork and stone that surrounds the fireplace to add texture, In other instances, the design of  home calls for a simpler, less ornate style. In every case, we try to capture the emotional feeling of the space when designing a fireplace into a room. See this project here.

Fireplace Mantle Woodworking

Fireplace mantle panel design details are our specialty. This is especially fun for us when we are designing an entire room around the fireplace as a focal point. Many clients are installing remote-controlled gas fireplaces in their homes mostly due to the ease and simplicity of lighting a fire to create instant ambiance without having to haul in the logs.

Wood Mode Traditional
contemporary kitchen modern fireplace

Fireplace Style

Here you can see two very different fireplace design ideas. The first is a linear rectangular fireplace that works well in this modern kitchen design. The second is a large open hearth in a country kitchen. Then of course, there are outdoor spaces you can enjoy. Call us to book your whole house kitchen cabinetry appointment. 516-746-3435 or make an appointment here.

contemporary kitchen modern fireplace
Bar and Game Room Design TV Closeup
Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen

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