Countertop computing object recognition is the perfect blend of my passion for kitchens and technology. Let’s see where the future is heading in our industry. We have grown accustomed to smart phones and smart computing, but how about a smart countertop? Research scientists at Intel Labs in Seattle are using object recognition in kitchens that allow gestures on objects to launch recipes and shopping lists based on those objects. Yes, your countertop will create the perfect “empty the refrigerator” recipe for you.Object recognition in kitchen

Place a group of objects on the countertop. The countertop will recognize what the objects are and will automatically tell you what you can make with those foods. Additionally, it will generate a pop-up video demonstrating step-by step instructions on how to make the recipe and add a photo of what the finished dish will look like.

Object recognition in kitchen

Tap the top edge of the counter, and you will see a virtual drawer slide open that temporarily stores your objects such as shopping lists or recipes. You drag these items out of the drawer with your fingertips similar to the way we use an iPad.


Let’s say you place a steak on the counter as shown in the demo video below. Recipes will automatically be generated that will include a shopping/ingredient list required to make that meal.

The Oasis Project,  “Object-Aware Situated Interactive System” (“OASIS”) combines real-time computer vision algorithms, 3D cameras, and  micro-projection.  With this combination of object and gesture recognition algorithms, there will be more ways to interact  in the kitchen than we can shake a stick at… just don’t place it next to your steak.




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