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CES is the world’s gathering place for innovations and breakthrough technologies. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had many interesting new technologies on display. Electronics manufacturers showcased several trendy kitchen and bath products including many enhanced versions of existing appliances with the ability to connect to the internet in a useful, practical, and creative way. Here are some noteworthy kitchen tech trends.

Juno cooling microwave

Juno – A Cooling “Microwave”

This appliance is crowdfunded through IndieGoGo, and its pre-production prototype was on display during the CES event for new kitchen & bath tech trends. Juno uses the latest technology in thermoelectric cooling. The unit is able to rapidly chill a full-sized bottle of white wine to 50º F in 3 minutes and a bottle of beer in less than 1 minute. With an estimated shipping date of August 2020, you will be able to chill any drinks on-demand in time for summer.

Check out Juno

CES setra kitchen faucet with kohler konnect

Setra™ Faucet – KOHLER® Konnect™ and Voice-Activated Technology

The Setra™ smart faucet with voice-activated technology dispenses measured amounts of water at your spoken command. Just say the words to turn the water on, fill containers to a preset level, or dispense a specific quantity. In addition to voice control, this touchless faucet also has a built-in motion sensor that turns water on and off with a wave of your hand — perfect when handling chicken or flour. The faucet works with the KOHLER Konnect™ app so you can monitor water usage and be notified of unusual flow. Genius!

See it Here

GE’s Kitchen Hub - Smart Range Hood

GE’s Kitchen Hub – Smart Range Hood

The first-of-its-kind in new kitchen tech! This has a 27-inch integrated smart-touch screen combined with ventilation, and it easily fits above your range at the center of your kitchen. The appliance offers over 5,000 recipes with step-by-step instructions. It integrates with smart home technology, has video chat capabilities, offers video streaming such as Netflix and Hulu, and has voice controlled Google Assistant built-in. We can expect to see more popular integrations coming soon. I guess we’ll be doing a whole lot more than cooking in our kitchens! 

View the Hub Here

CES Yummly Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer – Perfect Meat Cooking Everytime

Yummly’s Smart Thermometer is available in early 2020. It is a thermometer that uses dual temperature sensors to monitor both the temperature of your oven and your food. Connecting with your smart oven allows for automatic temperature adjustment for absolutely perfect-tasting meat every time. While cooking from a Yummly recipe, the Yummly Smart Thermometer will know what step the user is on and be able to communicate with the oven. Now, you can put your food in the oven without having to think about doing anything else.

Read more here.

Moxie Kohler Showerhead

Moxie Kohler Showerhead – Wireless Shower Speaker

This sleek product comes with both a top-notch head and a compact, portable speaker that docks into the showerhead. It’s easily removable in the event that you want to take your music from the bathroom to any other part of your house. Installation is simple, and it is almost like setting up any other showerhead. You simply remove your old showerhead and replace it with Moxie. You can even take it with you as a wireless speaker to use in any room of the house, or on the go. Suffice to say, “It rocks!”

Available Here

Sepura - Automatic Food Waste Disposal

Sepura – Automatic Food Waste Disposal

Available for pre-order, Sepura is made to process any organics you can fit down your sink drain that is 3 inches in diameter, or the size of an orange. This also includes unconventional items like paper towels, tea bags, coffee filters and solidified fat or grease. It is a quiet, automatic sustainable food waste disposing device for anyone who wants a sustainable alternative to garbage disposals with none of the hassles of composting.

Pre-order Here

SmartyPans Smart Frying Pan

SmartyPans – A Smart Frying Pan!

Want to track everything that goes into your pan? With many sensors built into the pan and the help of a smartphone app, SmartyPans can automatically calculate the nutrition of recipes as you cook so you don’t have to. Whether you are tracking macros or maintaining good logs, SmartyPans makes it seamless to meet your fitness goals. Perfect for those new year diet resolutions and for obsessive macro counters. I love the name!

Learn More About The Product

Also be sure to check out some cool new kitchen & bath tech additions from our appliance manufacturer SubZero and Wolf including their new WOK range and speed ovens!

Wolf new WOK range

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