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There are many things to think about during a renovation — from redesigning, repainting, or drawing up room dimensions. We found some great apps to help you with different home improvement projects. These can help you see the final visual before you start the process, which will help you make your decisions. Some of these Apps can also help you move furniture around, recolor your existing rooms, or even get a complete 3D floor plan within miuntes. Try these free Apps and jumpstart your next home project.

Magicplan App

Magicplan – Scan Rooms in 3D

This application uses your phone’s camera utilizing the latest technology that tracks distances to let you draw your floor plan in minutes. It scans the room with augmented reality technology, taking down measurements for windows, doors and corners. It is a great app to get precise measurements for a 3D floor plans. From that point, the app has many features that make use of the created plan, from setting the material, cost estimation, 3D models and virtual tours. Within the app you can place or move furniture, change wall color, and swap out lighting fixtures. No matter what project you are tackling this application will help you plan and budget your home renovation.

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Planer 5D app

Planner 5D – Home & Interior Design Creator

Want a more visual model? This application allows you to create a whole virtual home right on your phone or iPad. You can use the same function as Magicplan to scan your room in, but this application allows for much more customization in home furniture and decoration. Edit colors, patterns, and materials to create unique furniture, walls, floors and more – even adjust item sizes to find the perfect fit. Proportion is everything when designing your room, and you will be able to visualize your design from any angle within the app or by using a VR headset.

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Planer 5D app

Room Planner Home Design by Chief Architect

Chief Architect software brings home design projects to life and is a software used by many architect designers. With this mobile application, you can bring the ablility to create these professional layouts on-the-go. Better yet this application works with their computer software and can be imported and worked on easily. 

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Home Depot Project Color App

Project Color™ The Home Depot

The “See it in Your Space” feature is what makes this application shine from the rest. It easily allows you to swamp in color palettes that you have picked and change our your room color right on your phone. Colors you like can easily be saved to your favorites and purchased from your local store. Knowing how it will turn out before you start with this fast and easy to use application.

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Home Depot Project Color App

ColorSnap Visualizer

Despite the negative reviews, this application is used by many professionals within the field. Its Paint a Scene feature requires alittle bit of tinkering around before getting used to how to use the application properly. There are a lot of improvement rooms for this application, and the phone’s own hardware such as the camera and display screen plays a big part in the performance of any color matching app. This app is a great place to start picking the colors you like from Sherwin Williams, and then grab their Color to Go samples to start painting your projects.

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IKEA Place – Augmented Reality

Every IKEA addict needs this app. Now you can easily see if your furniture finds will look good in your space, without having to make the trek down to the store. The app includes 3D and true-to-scale models of everything from sofas and armchairs to footstools and coffee tables. IKEA Place gives you an accurate impression of the furniture’s size, design, and functionality in your home so you can fit it in your home before you buy.

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