Not your ordinary sink, Lenova recently introduced these new bamboo sinks, which offer a fabulous way to combine elegant decorative style with responsible living. You can add the beauty of bamboo into your kitchen or bath design and choose from several different sizes and styles. Bamboo sinks have natural organic warmth, are incredibly durable, and easily withstand rigorous daily use.


Retail: $999 Click images to enlarge

Pictured left is a charming Bamboo Apron Front Kitchen Sink with an equal double-bowl design crafted from fully matured Moso Bamboo, which is known for its peak density, color clarity and sustainability using a painstaking 13-step process with SGS-certified safe binding adhesives and a water-resistant topcoat. Measuring 32-¾” x 21″ x 9″, it can easily accommodate large pots and pans.


Diameter 15

If you’d like to bring an oriental flair into a bathroom, look at this new above-counter porcelain sink crafted from Celadon in a green-hued ceramic. They create this delicate color by using liquefied clay with high iron content and firing it in a kiln at different temperatures. Celadon is prized in Far-Eastern cultures because it is believed to bring health and good luck. The exterior of the bowl is wrapped in an exotic bamboo material which brings a refreshing organic sense to the design.

The geometric shapes give us some beautiful design options to work with.


Retail: $489 Click to enlarge







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