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One of the hottest trends we are seeing on Long Island is an increase in requests for outdoor kitchens… not just a new BBQ grill… but full-blown outdoor living and entertaining environments. Our most popular request is for the new Kalamazoo Pizza oven (item #1 above). It is not only a thing of beauty to look at when it’s not on, but when it is on, you feel a romancing old world charm seeing the flame as your pizza being cooked. It’s great for entertaining, creates perfect pie crusts, and is convenient to either place the unit on the outdoor countertop or on it’s own gorgeous stand.  It happens to make a phenomenally good pizza. Another favorite is #12 above, the Venturi tabletop fire pit. These come in a variety of styles and are a perfect centerpiece for your outdoor dining table. They’re also easily portable to take to picnic dinners on the beach.

Below are links to the “teaser photo” above to jumpstart your creative juices and activate your outdoor lifestyle. All can be found at kalamazoogourmet.com

1. Kalamazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven   |  2. Kalamazoo Outdoor Dishwasher   |  3. Kalamazoo Outdoor Refrigerator  |  4. Kalamazoo Wine Chiller   |  5. Kalamazoo Outdoor Refrigerated Keg Tapper 48″   |  6. Kalamazoo Pasadena Fireplace  |  7. Kalamazoo K1000HB Hybrid Fire Built-In Grill  |  8. Wolf BBQ Grill by SubZero/Wolf  |  9. SubZero UC-24RO Outdoor Refrigerator   |  10. Stainless Steel Branch Skewers Set of 2  |  11. Cast Iron Twig Skewers Set of 8|   12. Venturi Flame Table Top Firepit (Ledgestone) |  13.  5′ Woodhaven Firewood Rack Cover |  14:  Oil Rubbed Bronze Fire Bowl (Criss-Cross)  |  15:  All-Clad 4-pc. Stainless Barbecue Tool Set  |  16:  Triple Dome Commercial Outdoor Heater



Thank you for supporting our blog by purchasing items through some of the links provided in this post.  Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet and SubZero Wolf can be purchased directly from our Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Showrooms in Williston Park (Western Long Island) and Sag Harbor (Eastern Long Island), New York



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