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15 Unique, Artistic Wine Rack Displays

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Your wine rack display never looked so good. Here are a few unique, artistic, and interesting ways to display wine. The customized anniversary wine box is a clever gift for the bride and groom — don’t you think?


1. Metal Wine Rack (Source: Artful Home) | 2. Snow Ski Rack | 3. Blomus 2 Leg Bottle Holder | 4.Blomus Wine Bottle Holder | 5. Wine Loop Rack | 6. Wine Ribbon (Source: Artful Home) | 7. Barrel Stave Wall Rack | 8. Menu Black Rack w/ Corkscrew | 9. Oenophilia Bali Rack | 10. River’s Edge Deer Antler Rack | 11. Ferris Wheel Metal Wine Bottle Holder | 12. Antique Revival Half-Barrel | 13. 3-Tier Exquisite Bottle Display w/ Woven Madras Baskets | 14. Grape Rack by Designer Robert Bronwasse | 15. Anniversary Wine Box



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