Today I want to show you some live “in the wild” photos of the pizza oven in action. This weekend, we made our first backyard pizza with the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, and it came out phenomenal. This open-flame oven made the best pizza, cooked to perfection, and we didn’t even get fancy with toppings yet. We made a simple, plain cheese pizza.

First, my 5th grader assembled the pie.


Then, we preheated the oven… a beautiful sight in and of itself.


Ken slid the assembled pizza into the oven.


We watched in amazement.


and marveled at the beautiful ambiance.


The entire pizza finished cooking in about 5 – 6 minutes, and now I cannot wait to experiment with all the recipes. There are some great grill techniques and tips from Kalamazoo’s own Russ Faulk, who wrote a great grilling cookbook. It is available at Amazon, Cook Out – Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Air, Fresh Flavors from the Grill

… I’ve made several recipes and they are amazing!



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For more information about Kalamazoo here, or stop by our showroom where we feature this line.

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