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Ken Kelly’s Famous Peacock Kitchen Remodel

Designed for an artistic-minded family of six in Dix Hills, this remodel is a kitchen designer’s dream. The client granted us leeway to transform their dreams into this glorious design. It captures the family’s personality, creative spirit, and their love of peacock feathers!

While speaking with the clients and walking through their house, Ken noticed their home had an artistic flair and was quite expressive and colorful. It reminded him of a quilt. There were colorful teapots and several peacocks in various sizes, colors, and shapes in the room. There was also a single peacock feather tucked into the bulletin board. When Ken asked the clients about their “thing for peacocks,” they said they loved the peacocks’ colors. Ken immediately thought of an interior decorator he worked with before who is a fabulous quilter. He asked the clients if they were open to bringing in her firm, Wohlberg/Levy Designs in New York to help create the exact eccentric element he had in mind for the design of this kitchen.

They agreed and together came up with some fabulous details that included a mosaic tile floor and backsplash consisting of 22 different colors. The pattern created a “quilted” rug effect on the floor—all in glass tile. The small glass pattern has a lot of grout surface area (like a mosaic-tiled shower base) and is not slippery.

The ceiling mural is hand-painted and gives the client a little something more than a feather pinned to her bulletin board. Ken designed that ceiling because the previous one was cathedral vaulted with industrial-looking track lighting. Ken made it cozier by converting the vault to a flat ceiling of 9 feet and made a tray ceiling over the island to raise the height farther and add volume to the room.

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He designed the matching laundry room adjacent to the kitchen. Ken Kelly designed the cabinetry and banquet in Wood Mode – Sierra on Cherry finish, with Sonoma Square Recessed Panel Doors. The cabinetry hardware has turquoise jewels that pick up colors used in the stools, fabric, and floor.

See video of this kitchen below:


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This kitchen was featured in House magazine Nov/Dec 2010 and will be in a national publication TBA soon :)

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