Adam Sandler Movie - The Cobbler

A Ken Kelly kitchen makes its film debut in an Adam Sandler movie!

Our French Country kitchen was recently filmed in an Adam Sandler movie — The Cobbler. If you have Netflix, the kitchen scene is at minute 59.  The cabinetry used for this kitchen is an exquisite luxury kitchen collection of absolutely authentic door designs, custom finishes, accoutrements, and concept details. It looked great on camera if we do say so ourselves!

“The Cobbler” is about a shoe repair shop owner who literally enters his clients lives by walking in the shoes they drop off for repair — very funny “If the show fits, wear it” concept. The movie also stars Dustin Hoffman, Ellen Barkin, and Steve Buscemi. See Long Island Newsday’s writeup of the story on location: Adam Sandler shooting ‘The Cobbler’ at Brookville mansion

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See the project backstory here as told by Ken Kelly.

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