When remodeling or updating your kitchen, the backsplash is the perfect place to add a touch of your own personality, a bit of humor, or something that is totally unique to you. You can add a bit of color, texture, or even sparkle. Sometimes, an unusual material can make a fantastic backsplash. Four ideas for a kitchen backsplash with pizzazz are:

1) Add your own Personality
2) Add Texture
3) Add Color
4) Add Sparkle

Here are a few ideas from our own jobs…

This is one of my favorites (and I promise to take professional photos soon) of a NY dancer’s studio kitchen where we created a custom backlit window from her collection of silhouette dancers on glass.

kitchen backsplash

This client wanted something funky and retro…

backsplash tile

This client had us install a fireplace back into the mantle…

Perhaps you have a thing for fruit…

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Backsplash Ideas

This client wanted to add a little sparkle…

kitchen backsplash with sparkle

This client lives alongside a pond and loved their copper serving tray with frogs & lily pads. We asked them if we could free it from its glass encasing and incorporate it into the backsplash over the sink. They agreed…

frog and lily backsplash

For this client, we made a glass-tile mosaic of their own painting…

kitchen backsplash ideas

This client wanted  to add color and texture with bubble glass and custom ceramic tile using recycled bottle caps, buttons, beads, and broken pieces of china…

kitchen backsplash idea

The design elements you add to your kitchen backsplash can pull the whole look together while making it your own. We encourage our clients to make an idea scrapbook with photos they find online or in magazines. Bring the photos with you when discussing ideas with your designer and create something extraordinarily original!


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