It’s FRIDAY! Here are the answers to Round 1’s Can You Name That Famous TV/Movie Kitchen. If you’re just tuning in, I’ve gathered some well-known kitchen scenes from the movies and famous tv shows for a little guessing game. Click Here for Round 1 Clues/Photos and check back on Monday for a Round 2’s new set of photos. We had some really good guesses. Congrats to Paul; you nailed both! Butchie got #1 and Ryan gave us a great guess with “I Dream of Jeannie.” Thanks too, Joe for checking in.

Round 1 Answers: Can you name these famous tv/movie kitchens?

Famous Kitchen #1 was from the TV show Bewitched. (Click Images to Enlarge)

bewitched house - Name that Famous Kitchen- Blogbewitchedhousekitchen

Famous Kitchen #2 was from the movie Home Alone.

home alone kitchen2homealonehouseimage

Below are more images of these two famous tv kitchens including Samantha Steven’s Laundry Room. I posted these as a gallery of images. If you click on any of them, please use the back button not the X to return to the post. All Photos for Round 1 courtesy of Julia at  Hooked on Houses. Also, head on over to Paul Anater’s Kitchen & Residential Design post — Meet the Frigidaire Flair — it’s a Fantastic piece about the history of the Bewitched oven!

Samantha’s oven was introduced at New York’s Worlds Fair in 1964 in Frigidaire’s Kitchen of the future (see video clip here). Personally, I think it is still a very cool oven design — no bending — no reaching in over an open door…but watch out if you have anything steamy cooking on those pull out burners while reaching into that oven!

The last row of photos below are from the movie Home Alone. The kitchen in the film was shot in the actual house. Notice the kitchen’s festive holiday colors.

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