Planning to add windows & doors to your kitchen or remodeling project? Tearing pictures out of design magazines may soon become a thing of the past as new “see-it-first” design applications for the iPhone become available. This Windows Shopping app from Marvin is a nifty piece of software that will help you visualize your actual space with a new window or door. Simply take a picture of your room either from the inside or the outside, and let the creating begin. You’ll pick from a variety of shapes and styles of windows and doors and insert them directly onto your photos by dragging, dropping, and resizing. Once you find a look you like, you can save your design ideas until you’re ready to execute them or share them with your designer. You can also email them for feedback in your design discussions. The app also links directly to a green feed for tips on incorporating sustainability into your home. Although the application is specific to Marvin Products, it still gives you a nice idea of how the space will look with windows and doors in general.

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