My fondest memories growing up as a child on Long Island’s North Shore originated in my Mom’s kitchen. Being part of an extremely large extended Italian family with 40 first cousins and 22 aunts & uncles, the focus was always on food — four-hour Sunday dinners followed by a several rounds of PoKeNo and mounds of nuts and nutcrackers scattered around the dining table which, by the way, extended all the way through to the living room.

Today, I smile at the moments when I see my three kids and three dogs wrestle each other for their territorial spot in front of our AGA while the brownies are baking. Maybe I’m biased when I say the kitchen is the most important room in the home, but I have vivid memories of my own kitchen AND other people’s kitchens. I will never forget the time when a neighbor wouldn’t let me wash my hands because she “just dried the sink.” …or the red splatter marks of the gravy (not sauce) bubbling on top of my aunt’s avocado green oven. …or what about the casual and lighthearted (or sometimes bloody & gory) kitchen scenes we enjoyed on television or in the movies?

Can You Name That Famous Kitchen? I’ve gathered some well-known kitchen scenes from the movies and TV. Those presented today come to us courtesy of Julia, one of my favorite bloggers, at Hooked on Houses.

Can you guess these two famous kitchens? I will give you the answers on Friday. My next Can you Name That Famous Kitchen? post (Round 2) will be on Monday with those answers coming next Friday. I will continue each week posting new famous kitchens on Mondays and answers on Fridays until I run out of kitchens! (Of course, I blurred out the people–that would be too obvious!)

Images Kitchen #1 



famous kitchen Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly

Update: After I posted this, I was bombarded with emails asking about this oven. I think we only ripped out one or two of these babies in our 29 years.  Click here for the history.

Images Kitchen #2 

famous kitchen 2 Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly blog

famous kitchen 2-2 Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Blog

Special Thanks to Hooked on Houses for Permission to Use their Photos

I will post the answers on Friday with a new round of Can You Name That Famous Kitchen on Monday. Happy Guessing

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