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allmilmo long island kitchen designs by ken kelly 5Have you ever marveled at sleek European kitchen cabinetry that has trend setting colors and styles? Unique lacquer finishes with high gloss fronts set Allmilmo cabinetry apart from their competition. Allmilmo is a worldwide brand–internationally acclaimed for design, quality, and craftsmanship.  They offer an enormous choice of different cabinet types, color, wood veneer book matched (high-gloss and matt), and a wide array of incredible interior accessories. Allmilmo’s motto is what Ken and I (and the design team – Mario, Taine, & Don) like best… “ANY COLOR, ANY WOOD, ANY SIZE.” This gives us maximum flexibility for customization. (click images to enlarge)

Allmilmo Long Island Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly IMG_6682

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Allmilmo Long Island IMG_6686Allmilmo Long Island Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly IMG_6684Allmilmö carries more than 30 varieties of wood veneers including Wenge, Lemon tree, Olive tree, Makassar, Teak, Pine, Beech, Tineo, and Zebrano. Any wood can be sourced from market provided it meets U.S. and German sustainability guidelines and is not environmentally protected. Lacquer fronts receive seven layers of lacquer and are air-dried ensuring optimal quality, longevity, and protection from potential environmental factors such as moisture, light, and heat.

…and now… drumroll please…

Kitchen Designs is excited and proud to introduce the Allmilmo brand to our already impressive line of cabinetry manufacturers, such as Wood-ModeBrookhavenBentwood Luxury KitchensCornerstone, and Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Allmilmö Long Island at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly is the company’s sixth new showroom in the U.S. In January we will begin the renovation of our exclusive Allmilmo Long Island Design Studio. Allmilmö has operations globally, with showroom locations on four continents, and we are honored that opening an exclusive dealership in our Long Island showroom was a priority for the company. This European cabinetry is beautiful and unique, and the addition of its distinct style line will expand our ability to help our residential clients as well as the architects, builders, and trade professionals who have been requesting modern.

With minimalistic detailing and geometric simplicity, European cabinetry is unlike western cabinetry.

Stylish groups: Allmilmo has divided their cabinetry into stylish groups that help delineate different approaches to décor. Modern ART uses a minimalistic; no handle door front design that utilizes clear lines. The award-winning WAVE kitchen’s carved door fronts (shown below) create a texture and pattern resulting in a new design concept never seen before in the industry. Drawers open with a light touch. From lacquer to veneer finishes, the look is museum quality.


Design ART has characteristics that are softer but still clean and sleek.

Allmilmo Long Island Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly 2

Design Art – Tip Tec Picco Olive Bronze

The Classic ART line introduces traditional lines from country style to sophisticated. The Windsor model (below) features moldings with a Mediterranean feel and look.

Allmilmo Long Island Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly 3

Classic Art Windsor Vittoria Yellow

allmilmo long island kitchen designs kelly 7

Classic Art Model 53 Cobalt

While the Olive model combines purest design made out of olive wood veneer finishes.

Allmilmo Long Island Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly 4

Modern Art Deluxe Olive Tree Veneer

allmilmo long island kitchen designs by ken kelly 6

Design Art: Tip Tec Olive Tree Veneer

Contemporary finishes: European cabinetry is known for its fine attention to detail and forward thinking technology. Allmilmo was the first established luxury brand manufacturer to bring modern European and modular design to the U.S over 40 years ago (1965). Their fine use of exotic woods and shiny lacquer finishes sets them apart from other European cabinetry manufacturers. With the ability to produce any color variations, Allmilmo appeals to the consumer who doesn’t want ‘cookie cutter’ cabinetry in their kitchen.

Attention to detail: Depending on the style group you choose, each line offers fine attention to detail with an emphasis on design. Allmilmo cabinetry comes in a variety of sheens, including high gloss and lower gloss sheens to appeal to homeowners of different tastes. For more information, inspiration, and ideas, visit our Allmilmo Long Island at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly website.  Your home will love the appeal of this fine European kitchen cabinetry!




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