Dishwasher Cleaner Trick

Recently we added a “live” Allmilmo kitchen display over at Appliance World in Huntington, Long Island to showcase Gaggenau’s latest products. At a recent cooking workshop for our designers in the new display, the topic of why dishwashers develop an odor came up. They told us of a solution that we never heard of… a product called Dishwasher Magic (EPA-approved disinfectant formula).

If you have a smelly dishwasher or you have noticed that your dishes are more spotty and cloudy, all you need to do is empty the dishwasher and run a full cycle with dishwasher magic. The company recommends doing this once a month to break up the build-up of hard water impurities that clog the water jets, tubes and pipes.

Other tips:

  • Check to see that the drain is looped high enough
  • Scrape plates, don’t rinse
  • Run the dishwasher more often
  • Wipe out the gasket and around the door seal
  • Clean debris off the bottom of the door
  • Use detergents specifically designed for your dishwasher

If you want to try Dishwasher Magic, you can buy a single bottle or a three-pack at Amazon. It is also available at most hardware stores.


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